Sekkisei: Supreme Moisturizer II


Sekkisei: Supreme Moisturizer II


Helps to maintain the elasticity and supple fairness of the skin. Suppresses the formation of dark spots by restoring skin's moisture balance. 

  • Though rich in consistency, this moisturizer is absorbed smoothly into the skin, leaving it springy and finely-toned
  • With its superior emollient properties, it also protects the skin from dryness and chapping, both causes of fine wrinkles, keeping skin lustrous, elastic and moist
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How to use

  • After toning the skin with refining lotion, massage in 1-2 pumpfuls
    Note: For best results, dispense 2 pumpfuls onto the palm and massage in.

Key ingredients

  • L-ascorbic acid 2-glycoside (whitens)
  • Refined Melothria heterophylla extract HC (whitens)
  • Chinese indigo extract (whitens, prevents oxidation)
  • Coix lacryma-jobi extract (whitens, moisturizes)
  • Coix lacryma-jobi seed water (moisturizes)
  • Angelica acutiloba extract (whitens)
  • White tea extract (moisturizes)
  • Coix lacryma-jobi oil (emollient)