Haba: Squalane


Haba: Squalane

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A supreme lightweight beauty oil to keep skin healthy, and restore skin from damages and give skin a beautiful dewy glow. The best quality in the industry with purity of 99.9% for the safest usage even on babies. 


<Fast Facts>

99.9% pure beauty oil derived from squalene (shark liver oil). Squalene in the skin is lost as we age, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Squalane naturally replaces this lost moisture leading to smoother, younger skin.  

Saturating squalene, which is already present in various tissues of the human body, produces Squalane, an essential constituent.  HABA has developed a high purity of squalane (99.9% pure), made from the liver of deep-sea sharks containing a high percentage of squalene. 

Because of the high purity there is no fear of harmful oxidation and application protects from ultraviolet rays and moisturizes to prevent dryness and chapping which results in a finer, more textured skin.  
It softens the skin drawing moisture from lotion deep into the skin cells.  


Free of additives and preservatives. 


<How to use>
While skin is still moist after apply toner or serum, take 1-2 drops, mix by both hands, and then gently press onto your skin. 

<Perfect for> 

All skin types, and even sensitive skin. 

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