Shiseido: Benefique Cleansing Foam

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Shiseido: Benefique Cleansing Foam

  • Rich, Deep-cleansing foam that leaves skin feeling smooth and moist.
  • A dense, creamy veil of lather, thoroughly removes impurities leaving skin soft, retextured, and more receptive to subsequent products. 
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A truly unique beauty regimen for your best skin in years. By stabilizing skin's temperature and enhancing its barrier function, performance is boosted and detoxified. Empowered to resist life's aggressors, beauty is reborn with astonishing smoothness, brightness, and resilience. 

Decade-long research has shown that a contributing factor to aging is irregular skin temperature. 

Benefique's Skin-Temperature-Based Beauty Regimen readjusts skin's temperature through warming and cooling steps to optimize and maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Exclusive Cellular Solution Technology has focused on revitalizing skin. 

Skin is reborn, with the youthful look of smoothness, firmness, resilience and brighter clarity. 


How to use

Squeeze small amount into palms. Thoroughly lather with warm water and rinse foam off thoroughly.