Nursery: Yuzu Cleansing Balm


Nursery: Yuzu Cleansing Balm


This versatile 5 in 1 cleansing balm is a makeup remover, face wash, massage gel, face pack, and skincare. effectively removes, even long-wearing waterproof makeup, while moisturizing and brightening your skin. Enjoy and relax with the delicate and fresh scent of Japanese Yuzu!

  • Made with 87% Natural Ingredients.
  • Applied as a balm then melts into silky oil when massed onto your face. 
  • Free of artificial color and fragrance. 
  • All skin types, and even sensitive skin. 
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<Fast Facts>
Nursery W Cleansing Gel Yuzu is made from Japnaese domestic Yuzu which has been used as a folk medicine in Japan for a long time. This cleansing gel is formulated to defend sensitive skin against changes in the weather, climate, and seasons. 

Directions: Apply a proper amount into dry hands. Massage into dry face to dissolve make-up, dirt, and other impurities. Rinse with warm water thoroughly.

Contains: Yuzu Peel Oil, Yuzu Seed Oil, Yuzu Seed Extract, Licorice Extract, Peony Extract, Tea Seed Oil, Acai Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, 3 Kinds of Collagen. 

87% Natural Ingredients

Just like beauty essence, remover makeup,
Aroma massage & Skin Pack as well.
Lead your skin supple & hydrated.

Melting Texture

Smoothly melting on skin by spreading Nursery balm.
Remover make-up deeply and gently