Haba: Powder Wash


Haba: Powder Wash

  • An amino acid and papaya enzyme powdered face wash! Deep cleans pores and is suitable for acne-prone skin! 
  • Mild in acidity, similar to skin pH. 
  • Free of additives and preservatives. 
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<Fast Facts>
Contains Amino acid washing powder. It melts into water to create ultra fine lather. Papaya enzyme gets rid of dirt, dead cells, and protein buildups in pores. 

<How to use>
Apply a quarter size to palm. Emulsify by adding  lukewarm water.  Foams into a delicate lather by rubbing both hands. For the best result, use a foaming net. Gently massage your face with delicate foams that removes impurities and excess surface cells which contribute to pure natural glowing skins. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

<Perfect for> 
nlarged pore, acne prone, dull, and even sensitive skin.